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About Paul and Dea 

Paul has over 25 years of experience and extensive training in the Personal Protection field.  During his career he has managed and consulted numerous Protection Details on a national & international basis.  As a mentor, his expertise and guidance has led to fulfilling careers for many people wishing to enter the protection field. Over the years, Paul has built a network of trusted colleagues who are well respected in the security & firearm industry. People have relied on Paul's opinion regarding security, training and quality tactical gear which prompted him to open Survive The Encounter.  He has also helped numerous professional and start up tactical gear companies perfect their product lines and introduce them to the market place.


Paul retired from the personal protection field in 2013. In appreciation to the security & firearm community he would like to pass on the knowledge he has gained over the years.  Survive The Encounter will serve as a public information site for people interested in executive protection, firearm training, and quality tactical gear. Paul will continue to do product testing and evaluation for high end tactical gear companies.   We will continue to offer consulting work and firearm training through a licensed colleague in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Dea is Paul's 14 year old daughter. She is focused on communicating public awareness and firearm safety to young people. Her awareness training began at 3 years old and her firearm safety training was introduced along the way. She has been asking her parents to help her build a platform to speak to young people for over 4 years so she can help them learn and trust their instincts and apply what their parents are teaching them about firearm safety. So many kids like Dea are comfortable and knowledgeable about firearms and safety issues but the subject is taboo in their social circles. They are given a mixed message that firearms are bad so the people who own them are bad. Hopefully, we can build a supportive page for Dea and other children so they can gain insight into some of the things Paul and parents like you are teaching their kids.  Dea's page will offer tips about how to introduce awareness training to your children at an early age. 

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